This will make you enter the ketosis (2021)

If you´ve ever been doing the keto diet, you have probably heard about ketosis. In this blog post we will explain exactly what ketosis is and how you can more easily reach it.


These tips are gathered from our own experience and from our official partners Maria and Craig Emmerich. Not only are they best-selling keto authors, but they also have more than 20 years doing the keto diet.


So, let´s dive right into it.

What is ketosis?

Ok, before we start giving you some tips on how to reach the ketosis, let´s first start explaining what it is.


Ketosis is the state when your body starts using fat instead of sugar as fuel. You see, your body can run on two types of different fuel.

The first one is sugar, which comes from the carbohydrates that we eat. That´s food like pasta, bread, rice and processed junk food.


The second form of fuel is ketones. When you lower your amount of carbs, your body is forced to switch from burning sugar to burning stored fat in your body.


When you hit this stage, your body produces ketones in your liver. That´s when you know you´re in the ketosis. The cool thing is that ketones is a superior form of fuel than sugar. You will therefore feel less hungry and more energized.


So, a quick recap.

Ketosis is the state when your body stops using sugar and starts using ketones as fuel. If you want to know more about ketosis, then check out this great video from Maria and Craig Emmerich on “What is Keto”.  

“Okay”, you might say. “I know understand what ketosis is. But how do I get into the ketosis?” Great question. Let´s go through some tips on how you could get there.


Tip 1 – Fasting

Fasting is a great healing process for your body. As Dr. Eric Berg, a famous keto consultant, explains, you usually enter a state of ketosis after 24 hours of fasting. When you first start fasting, you probably want to do it gradually and so the intermittent fasting could be a good way to start.


When you enter the ketosis state, you won´t just experience the benefit of becoming a fat-burning machine but you will also gain more energy and feel less hungry.


If you want to learn more about what happens during fasting, check this video out from Dr. Eric Berg.



Tip 2 – Don’t focus on percentages

You have probably read a keto graph that says you need to eat about 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. While this is somewhat true, you shouldn’t blindly follow it.


Instead, focus on your macros. Remember, keto is a low-carb diet. This means you most likely would need to stay below 20 gram of carbs per day.


If you only focus on percentages and you eat 5000 kcal a day you will end up eating roughly 125 gram of carbs and this will not get you into ketosis.


One easy way to find the right macros for your body type is through a keto calculator. Maria Emmerich has a great one on her website if you want to check your macros. 



Tip 3 – Don´t “chase” ketones

We know this may sound a bit counter-intuitive. You want to get into ketosis, so why wouldn’t you constantly check if you´re in ketosis or not?


Some ways to check whether you´re in ketosis or not is through urine strips, blood strips and breath testers. In the beginning, your body is not that efficient in running on ketones, so it will dump parts of those ketones through the urine. This is because the body doesn’t really know what to do with it. And so, with urine strips you will be able to see that pretty clearly.

The problem is when your body gets more used to being in ketosis, it starts utilizing it better and you won´t dump that much ketones through your urine. And that is why people gets frustrated or confused doing the urine strips after a while, because suddenly the ketones doesn’t get dumped through the urine and so it doesn’t show that you´re in ketosis.


While blood strips and breath testers are more accurate, Maria and Craig Emmerich recommend to simply just listen to your body. Do you feel more energized and happier? Then you most likely are in ketosis.



Did we miss anything?


We would love to hear from you:


Which tip are you going to try first?


Or maybe we didn’t mention a tip that you have tried that also worked?


Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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